Wed 05 Feb 2020 10:03

No Senior Training this Wednesday 5th We will restart in March as everyone is now applying their fitness work to Shrovetide. Let’s get another ‘club’ scorer or scorers! Senior Games this week 8th 1sts. Our plans to play the Long Eaton league game this SatPM @ LE ahead of the designated league date 220220 have been scuppered. So. No 1sts game this week. 3rds will visit Long Eaton 2nds, 2.15pmko 4ths home to Belper 2nds, 2.15pmko on rec. Next week Sat 15th 1st @ Lincoln 2.15pmko. We are planning a bus for players & support. Details next week. 2nds Home v Whittington 2.15pmko & VETS/4ths v Derby Vets ( Time for our ‘elders’ to shine again!) Week after, 22nd 1st @ Long Eaton 2.15pmko Our only game on this SatPM, so plenty of ‘away support’ please! Finally. To those players who make themselves available to every game over this period. Your commitment to our club at this time is truly noted by us all. In advance. Thank you.

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