Tue 17 Sep 2019 15:07

100 Club The ‘100 Club’ is a fund raising club with a monthly draw. Although the Club has existed for a number of years and we have the draw at each monthly exec meeting, the numbers have been stagnant for quite a while. As a player, joining the 100 club is a painless way of supporting the club and helping to raise a bit more money while also giving yourself the possibility of a pleasant surprise by winning a £100. The payment is by Direct Debit so, once you’ve signed the form, the £1 leaves your account each month without you needing to do anything else. Each member is allocated a number, and the prizes are awarded by a monthly draw. The numbers are drawn out of a bag, supervised by the club treasurer, in front of the rest of the committee. Your £12 per annum currently entitles you to be in the draw for the following prizes: All months except June & December: 4 prizes of £10 each June & December: 1 prize of £100 + 5 prizes of £10 each If we are able to significantly increase the 100 Club membership we will, of course be able to review the current prize levels. The revenue raised by the ‘100 Club’ over previous years has helped us maintain the cost of member’s annual and weekly match subscriptions at low levels. Joining will help maintain the subscription levels at their current level and raise money towards our other, ever increasing, running costs. The ‘100 Club’ is open to anyone, so any family members or friends can also join and help the club.